08 Feb 2015

La Valse: Piano Recital with the Story

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February 7, 2015, 6:30pm, Abbey Road Church

With Natalia Strelchenko

This fascinating programme is taking the audience on a journey through the history of the Waltz. Natalia Strelchenko, a Norwegian pianist of Russian origin will perform some of the best and greatest waltzes ever written. The brilliance of the performance will be enhanced by Natalia’s engaging commentary on the historic development of the “king of dances” from its origin to the blossom and the eventual decline.

‘The next time Natalia Strelchenko comes to town, be there. Even before this 30-year-old pianist from Norway plays a note she lights up your life. Where others approach their instrument as they might a mausoleum, Strelchenko runs toward it, sparkling in silver and black, eager for arms and fingers to cascade, crisscross and caress.’  Geoff Brown, The Times


Carl Maria von Weber Invitation to the Dance

Frédéric Chopin 2 Waltzes

Franz Liszt Mephisto-Waltz No. 3

Strauss-Tausig 2 Waltz-Caprices

Claude Debussy La plus que lente valse

Maurice  Ravel La Valse



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